Foldio360 Simplifies 360-Degree Photography For The Rest Of Us


If you play around with lightbox photography around the house, chances are, that you’ve heard about Foldio, a portable and affordable lightbox solution. This time around, they’re making it even better with a new accessory called Foldio360 that’s designed to sit inside the lightbox to give it a rotating platform for easily creating 360-degree images.

Forget buying one of those expensive 360-degree photography systems. With this thing and a lightbox, you have yourself a fully-functional 360-degree imaging studio, ready to crank out images that show off your subjects from every angle. Provided, of course, your subject is small enough to fit into the desktop platform, so you’re still stuck buying or renting expensive equipment if you’re thinking of giving a new motorcycle the 360-degree imaging treatment.


The Foldio360 is a small turntable platform designed to hold an object in place while rotating it for creating 360-degree images. You control it via an accompanying smartphone app, which takes care of rotating the platform. Onboard IR allows it to interface directly with a DSLR, triggering the camera to shoot pictures automatically as it rotates, essentially automating the entire process. The app can take care of combining the images, too, making for a complete end-to-end system.


Aside from the turntable function, it comes with an integrated lighting system called Halo Edge. This consists of a light on the rear of the turntable, which functions to eliminate any visible boundary lines created by the platform.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Foldio360. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $89.

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