Giro Omen, The World’s Most Technologically Advanced Snow Helmet

Calling your product the “most technically advanced snow helmet ever made” is quite the  bold proposition.  If you can stand by it, though, then more power to you.  That appears to be exactly what Giro is doing with their Omen Snow Helmet.

Innovated from years of experience, the headgear should offer the best protection for your noggin’ while you’re out being active under wintry climes.  Sporting in-mold construction,  rocks, bumps and branches should be no match against the polycarbonate outer shell and impact-absorbing foam liner, affording you full control over anything you may encounter out in the slopes.

The Giro Omen features 14 wind tunnel vents, which work with integrated exhaust channels that force heat and stale air out, all while keeping fresh, cool air over and around your head.  Unlike most helmets, it has a thermostat ventilation control button, allowing you to custom-tune the airflow with a simple push.

Designed to deliver a custom fit with no gaper gaps, it provides up to 6cm of adjustment using an ergonomic dial at the headgear’s base, as well as a vertical tuning feature for accommodating a variety of goggles and head shapes.  Since helmets can get gross after extended periods of use, the interior uses machine-washable X-Static pads, which should keep it fresh for far longer then conventional materials.

We don’t know about the “most technically advanced” part, but the Giro Omen sounds like it offers one of the best options in headwear for your outdoor sports activities this winter.  It’s compatible with all after-market TuneUps systems and is available now, priced at $200.

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