Gorillapod Micro 250 and 800: Mini-Tripods You Never Have To Remove

There are plenty of small tripod solutions out there for compact cameras, like the Tiltpod and the Gerber Tripod Multi-Tool.  They all have one thing in common: if you forget to bring them along, they aren’t worth squat.  The Gorillapod Micro deals with this problem by allowing you to keep it on your camera’s bottom for as long as you’d like without being a burden.

When screwed onto your camera, the tripod can be folded in so it adds just a little bit of bulge to the edge.  That way, you can hold the camera to photograph scenes like normal, all while having an integrated fold-out tripod the entire time.

The Gorillapod Micro comes in two flavors: the Micro 250 and the Micro 800.  The former can work with point-and-shoots up to 250 grams in weight, while adding just a 0.6-inch material to your camera’s height when folded in.  The latter can hold slightly bigger cameras up to 800 grams and adds just a 0.8-inch bulge on the bottom.

Both models are made from coated zinc-aluminum alloy, silicone and aluminum, with three-fold out legs for standing and a 0.25-inch universal tripod screw.   They come equipped with an aluminum positioning ball for finding the right angle and rubber feet for holding ground on uneven surfaces (like rocks and slight inclines).  All in all, they sound like helpful accessories to have for those who like their photographic instruments to be much smaller than a DSLR.

The Gorillapod Micro 250 and the Gorillapod Micro 800 are available now, priced at €19,95 and €29,95, respectively.