Renegade Broom Has Rake-Like Curved Bristles For More Efficient Sweeping Action


Like any broom, you can use Handy Camel’s Renegade Broom to tidy up any dirt, dust, and debris littering the house. Unlike them, it cleans up much more efficiently, courtesy of a rake-like design that enables you to better control the mess.

Sporting a unique curved head with arched bristles, the pull broom is able to drag dirt precisely in a single direction, ensuring everything goes exactly where you want them to. No more leaving dirt behind and scattering them all over the place – this thing should make cleaning up a heck of a lot faster.


Thanks to the rake-like curved bristles, the Renegade Broom ensures a higher rate of surface contact, allowing it to pick up dirt in places that traditional brooms are likely to leave behind. It comes with bristles that are stiffer, too, so they won’t flatten, fray, or bend while you’re sweeping, all while flexing to reach into corners, uneven surfaces, and recessed areas. Not only can you use it to clean up dirt and dust, it can handle snow, wet leaves, wet grass, pine needles, and mulch, making it perfect for cleaning up both indoors and out.


A telescoping handle lets you adjust the height to suit your frame, so you can ask your kids to clean up without it being a problem. It comes with two bristle widths, 14 inches and 18 inches, both of which can be removed from the handle when it’s time for a replacement.

Available now, the Handy Camel Renegade Broom is priced starting at $34.

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