Hito Model Monica: Mannequin-Like Storage For Your Accessories


Boxes, closets and shelves – that’s where I keep most of the accessories I’ve accumulated over the years.  You’ve probably got your own system as well.  D-Torso’s Hito Model Monica seems like an infinitely more stylish solution to storing all sorts of items, though, and makes brilliant use of space while doing it.

Shaped like a bust sculpture (head, neck and shoulders), it’s an innovative storage solution that just makes sense the moment you lay your eyes on it.  It’s modeled out of a real human shape, complete with ears, nose and neck, much like mannequin models at hat stores and optical shops.

Instead of being a solid piece, though, it’s a skeleton structure, providing rows upon rows of flat surfaces that you can store items in imaginatively.  For instance, you can slip your favorite pair of glasses on it, don your cap over its head and wear your necklaces around its neck.  You can also use the rows of shelving space to hold small accessories, from fashion jewelry (earrings, cuffs and rings) to gadgets (SD cards, flash drives and even slim handheld devices) to various knick-knacks (pens, lighters and more).  The base area looks wide enough to even hold CDs and DVDs, with their cases in tow.

The Hito Model Monica was made by scanning a solid bust model, which was then recreated using a 3D laser-cut skeletal design.  Finished product is a truly unusual shelving system built out of mid-density fiberboard that looks as cool as it is functional.

It’s available internationally as a kit (meaning you’ll have to put it together).  For the unusual styling, the $170 asking price sounds just about right.  Unfortunately, the instruction manual is only in Japanese though I’m sure there are lots of pictures (keep your fingers crossed) to guide you through.

[Japan Trend Shop via Nerd Approved]