Hollandia iCon Is An iPad-Friendly Luxury Bed

As far as luxury beds go, the Hollandia iCon is only half-ridiculous.  Sure, the multimedia headboard with dual iPad docks border on the excessive, but the actual sleeping area looks swank.

Made by Hollandia International and American mattress brand Therapedic, the bed uses Dual-Core 3D mattress technology, which allows either side of the bed to be adjusted separately.  The split mattress is made from Vita Talalay Latex, which is soft on the top and firm on the bottom, allowing you to turn each side of the mattress over, depending on your bedding preferences.  For a cooler feel, it supposedly adds a layer of air between you and the mattress when you lie down (we’re not sure how that works, though, so don’t ask).

On the gadget end, the iCon’s upholstered headboard features  four fully-enclosed speakers, a 250-watt amplifier and two iPad docking stations.  That way, you and the wife can have your multi-purpose tablets within arm’s length at all times.  The actual bed frame uses Hollandia’s Trio design, which gives it arched steel legs and motorized adjustment mechanisms for the head and feet.

But that brings us to the all-important question.  How useful would an iPad really be in bed?  Given that you can use it to get your news in the morning (it’s the newspaper’s last great hope, right?), rouse you into waking up (with a fancy alarm clock app) and watch adult movies for inspiration when necessary (just encode your own porn in a supported video format), it should find plenty of functions.

The Hollandia iCon is available in 200 different colors and fabrics, priced at $20,000.   Yep, it’s more expensive than my car.  Yikes.

[Hollandia via FurnInfo]