iMac CS Turns Old All-In-One Into A New Three-In-One


We’re kinda used to people turning used Mac cases into a bunch of other things.  I doubt most of us have seen anything like the iMac CS though, which outfits a decommissioned iMac’s shell with a small computer, a sound system and a single-serve coffee maker.

Yep, a real coffee-maker, ready to make a deliciously steaming cup, punched through where the actual screen used to be.  That way, you can save yourself a trip to the kitchen while banging out some work and listening to tunes.  Crazy.

Created by modder Klaus Diebel of Kiwidee, the three-in-one rig sports both a Mac Mini and a JBL Spot sound system inside the case, with controls and slots for both available from the lower front and side panels (it switches with the iMac’s old power button).  Surprisingly, neither components required any intricate modifications (the optical drive lines up with the iMac’s and everything was compatible).

For a quick perk-up, the actual screen area has been scooped out to fit in a WMF1 coffee-maker.  A pull-out door (so you can pour down the water and ground beans) with a slot for the mug replaces the display as your machine’s new face.

Klaus is offering to put together a similar build for anyone interested (for money, of course), with the option to customize the digital print on the face, among other parts.  He estimates cost of material to be between 300 to 400 Euros, minus the broken iMac and the Mac Mini.  Actual charges, if you do order, will vary, depending on the specifics of your setup.

[Kiwidee via Technabob]