The Desk Case Mod Turns Innocent Work Table Into Flashing, Blinking, ADD-Inducing PC


Can’t find a place to hide that ugly desktop tower in your workarea?  Do what this guy did with his “The Desk” PC, an ADD-inducing case mod that scoops the computer’s entire innards out and installs them right inside a table.

Instead of an ugly PC tower sitting on your work table, you now have an ugly work table that houses a functional computer.  Awesome.


Built by first-time casemod creator Will Urbina as his home machine, The Desk is somewhat of an exercise in hardware excess: 3.5GHz Intel Q6600 G0, 8GB of RAM, an HIS HD2900 XT 512mb video card, an SB X-Fi Elite Pro sound card, four hard drives (two 500GB, one 320GB and one 250GB) and dual 550W power supplies.  Oh yeah, he also attached an additional, custom-built HDD tower with bays for up to six drives.

Rather than outfit it like a real table (since it’s supposed to be one), Will decided to make it look like one of those plexiglass cases with plenty of flashing lights.  Yep, it’s an oversized gaming case that functions as a desk.  Ack.

Personally, I can’t imagine myself working over a pile of blinking LEDs.  Since The Desk is his primary home machine, Will obviously has no problem with it.   How anyone can’t have a problem with it, though, I have no idea.  Check out more photos of the case mod from his site.

[Image Courtesy and Thanks to  WillUDesign ]