iREV Boat Takes The Party From The Shore To The Middle Of The Water


Why buy a kayak when you can score a floating picnic cottage?  That’s right, you can’t justify it.  So put that money away, save up a little more and look forward to scoring the Interactive Recreational Entertainment Vessel (iREV), a luxury party boat that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen on water.

Shaped like a donut, it looks like an oversized bumper boat with a hanging giant umbrella.  Up to ten passengers can plop down comfortably along the seated walls, congregating at the table and grill in the middle.  You heard that right – there’s a low-fire charcoal grill right smack in the center.


The iREV operates with an electric outboard motor (your choice of between 2 to 5 hp), which can push it along the water for up to 10 hours.  To have a real party, you can stock booze and food along the four storage bins, as well as opt to have a full audio package installed (which includes marine-approved 500 watt speakers and satellite radio).

Billed by its creators as a “party barge,” the glorified amusement park boat lets you bring the party out of the shore and into the water.  It’s being primped for a January 2010 debut at a $24,000 price.  Looks cool, but $24,000 cool?  Umm….

[Motothority ]