A Folding Lid Allows The Kame Suitcase To Open Even In The Tightest Spaces


The Kame isn’t the kind of suitcase you’ll buy when you want to maximize the amount of stuff you can fit in your luggage. If you don’t mind traveling light, though, it brings a clever design that removes the giant lid, allowing it to be opened even in the tightest of spaces.

Designed by Japanese outfit Nendo for Italian brand Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano, the suitcase uses a soft, segmented lid that you simply fold when opening. Without the lid to worry about, the suitcase can be conveniently opened even while it sits on a shelf or an overhead compartment, so you can easily dig into your stuff to find that charger you were sure you had on your travel bandolier (but, apparently, didn’t).


Unlike regular suitcases, the Kame doesn’t use buckles for closure, opting for dual zippers instead. This allows it to be partially opened from the top and sides, so you can simply reach in for whatever you’re looking for, just like you would with a backpack. Similar to fabric suitcases, the lid should also conform to a little overpacking, so you can afford to come home with a few extra trinkets collected during your trip (just a little, though, don’t push it).


It comes with an integrated combination cable lock that you can use to cinch the zipper pulls shut, as well secure the bag to a post or handrail (for whatever purpose that might serve you). Other features include an elastic band that you can use to hold the folded lid in place, a set of casters and a telescoping handle for easy portability, a pair of inner mesh pockets for small items, and four color options.


Check out more about Kame from Nendo’s website.

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