Every Backyard Deserves One Of These Kodama Zomes


Whether it’s the size of a living room, a small bedroom, or a dog house, we love having dome structures around the house. Somehow, it gives whatever space it occupies a futuristic, sci-fi feel. We guess that’s why we’re instantly enamored with the Kodama Zome, a dome-like hanging bed that should provide a gorgeous relaxation space in any backyard, patio, or mad scientist lab.

It’s not, technically, a dome, by the way. Instead, it’s a zome – a portmanteau of zonohedron and dome, since the actual shape of the structure is being billed as a “synthesis” of geodesic domes and zonohedral polygons. Instead of being set down on the ground like most domes we’ve seen, it’s designed to be hung from a tree branch or a structural beam, giving you a place to lounge around in while gently swinging like a nefarious supervillain.


Designed by structural engineer Richie Duncan, the Kodama Zome has a powder-coated steel structure that’s cobbled together using marine-grade stainless steel hardware, with a hanging strap constructed out of outdoor-grade polyester webbing. The way it’s hung enables a 360-degree pendulum motion that, according to the outfit, creates a sense of stability and equilibrium for the body.


It supports up to 800 pounds of weight, so multiple people can squeeze in without any problem. Since a steel frame isn’t the most comfortable place to lie down on, it can be outfitted with removable custom-sized mattress and cushions, all upholstered using Sunbrella outdoor fabrics to ensure all-weather use.

Pricing for the Kodama Zome starts at $5,400.

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