Kopis STK Combines Titanium And Steel For Ultra-Tough Urban Multi-Tool Function


No, you don’t need another multi-tool. If you appreciate the value of a well-designed multi-tool, however, you’ll definitely find the Kopis STK of particular interest.

Short for Sliding Tool and Knife, the STK pairs a cutter-style sliding form factor with a very compact size, making it easy to carry and deploy in a jiffy. It’s packed with a neat set of tools, too, making it a useful addition to your daily stash of gear.


The Kopis STK combines a wide blade for standard slicing duties, a narrow blade for push-cutting and scraping, a 45-degree pry head that doubles as a flathead screwdriver, a quarter-inch bit driver that doubles as a bottle opener, a wingnut, and a wire-stripping notch. Basically, it’s your standard urban multi-tool for city use. An integrated mechanism ensures the tool stays safely locked whether it’s open or closed, with a clip on the backside that you can secure to a pocket edge as well as use as a money clip.


Construction is titanium for the frame, so this will hold up well to both shock and impact, with the slide-up tool cut in tough and edge-retaining S35VN steel. It measures 1.75 x 1.6 x 0.3 inches (length x width x depth) when closed, with the slide-out blade measuring 1.7 inches in length.

Slated to ship in March, the Kopis STK is priced at $200.

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