Laptop Table Bag Adds Fold-Out Legs For The Road Warrior

Laptop bags are big, bulky and inconvenient to carry along, hence, the ongoing love affair with tablets (and, before that, ultraportables and netbooks).  If you still need to haul a full-featured 17-incher on the road, though, and frequently find yourself having to set that thing on your lap for lack of suitable tables, you might want to grab this: a Laptop Table Bag.

Aside from being a bag for carrying a full-fledged desktop computer replacement, the clever accessory can also double as a functional stand.  That way, you don’t have to put up with having to burn a hole in your pants every day, while you sit on a bench, balancing that hulking “portable” computer to get some work done.

The Laptop Table Bag measures 440 x 150 x 330 mm, making it way thicker than regular bags you usually house your notebooks in.  It weighs a heftier 2.7kg, too.  For all the extra size and heft, however, you’re getting a bag with fold-out aluminum legs, so you can set your computer on a makeshift table.  Even better, the legs are extendable, so you can adjust it, whether you’re sitting or standing, making life as a digital nomad (or a homeless guy with a computer) less cumbersome than it usually is.

Where does it hide the legs?  Right next to the notebook compartment is another zippered area, where the table hardware can be neatly folded.  Aside from that, the ensemble include two cooling fans and a cupholder, making parking under a tree in the middle of the park a viable proposition as far as working conditions go.

The product is from Thanko, which means it’s only available in Japan (or an importer).  They’re selling the Laptop Table Bag for the equivalent of around $75.

[Thanko via Akihabara News]