Lazylocks Simplify The Smart Lock For The Rest Of Us


Granted, the Lazylocks isn’t exactly the kind of deadbolt you’d trust to secure the front door of your house. I mean, it’s kind of lazy. If you’d like to add smart locks to the door in your bathroom, bedroom, or a private closet, though, this thing lets you do that with minimal effort and expense.

Unlike most locks, there’s no special skill necessary to set up the Lazylocks. Instead, you simply mount it to the inside part of the door and frame using a set of screws, making for a process that’s no more challenging than installing a new shelf on the wall.


Lazylocks consist of two parts: a bar housing the deadbolt that attaches to the door and a keep that mounts onto the door frame. It should fit most any type of doors without having to remove or replace any part, with a brushed metal enclosure that should play nice with most decors. Both Bluetooth and WiFi are onboard, so you can access it from anywhere via an accompanying app, allowing you to engage and disengage the lock with just a few taps.   No charging necessary, either, since it runs using standard pair of AA batteries, which can power it for up to 400 transactions (by transactions, we mean disengaging the lock and engaging it back up). Replacing the batteries require simply removing the faceplate and swapping in a fresh pair.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Lazylocks. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $33.

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