LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet Lets You Make Your Own Custom Floral Arrangement

Over the past few years, LEGO sets aimed at adults have become big business. As such, we’re increasingly seeing sets that kids aren’t likely to find exciting. You know, stuff like museums, skyscrapers, and wind turbines. This time around, they’re coming after frustrated florists that have a construction toy habit with the LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet.

That’s right, it’s a LEGO set that lets you make a bouquet of flowers. Why? Because your mom doesn’t want to build the same Technic cars your dad makes and she likes LEGOs, too. Not to mention, it can save your hide in a jiffy when it’s Valentine’s and you forgot to buy flowers for your girl. Just cobble this thing together, put it in a nice vase, and act excessively sincere because… you know… you got her fake flowers. You’ll need it.

The LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet actually lets you assemble six different varieties of flowers, namely roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies, and flowering grasses. It comes with three roses, of course, so you can get away with giving it to a romantic partner, with the rest coming in varying amounts, similar to what you’ll get when you order a bouquet from the local flower shop. Because of the flower variety, it’s got a vibrant and interesting mix of colors, which actually makes the whole thing quite fun to display once you finish assembling all the flowers together.

The set, by the way, doesn’t have you building a singular bouquet. Instead, you build individual flowers, each with their own stems, so you can build just the roses if you want or assemble just the poppies for a specific project you’re making. You can also arrange the petals and leaves in different ways, giving you free rein to let your imagination take over when designing the bouquet. Even better, the stems, which come in different lengths, are interchangeable, so you can make different flowers more prominent, depending on how you feel like doing. Suffice to say, the customization is a pretty fresh element here, making it just that much more fun to play around with, especially when you bring in a second set to the mix.

The LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet comes with 756 pieces, so this isn’t that big of a set. Plus, the fact that you’re assembling individual flowers will probably mean it’s not as challenging as some of the larger, more complex sets out there. However, flowers are quite a new thing for LEGO, so the uniqueness of the set will likely make it a must-have for many fans and collectors. There are also dozens of elements that are brand new here, most of which have to do with the petals and leaves, so collectors who like to have unusual pieces in their stash will absolutely love this set. And just to keep up with the flowery theme, LEGO says the set is made using plant-based plastic to make the whole thing feel genuinely organic.

Want one? The LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet is priced at $49.99.

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