LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer Puts A Punch Pad On An Exercise Bike For A Ridiculously Fresh Workout Experience

There’s a reason why online classes and on-demand video workouts changed the game for home training. Riding that elliptical is just way more engaging when there’s something else to keep your attention beyond how much time you’ve been cranking on that pedal. Instead of making you stare at livestreaming fitness instructors or footage of a backcountry bike path, the LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer lets you punch stuff while you log miles on your stationary bike.

An elliptical trainer with a built-in punch pad out front, it combines stationary cycling and boxing training in one equipment. What does cycling and boxing have to do with each other? Nothing really, but if all that stationary cycling, running, and rowing don’t quite tickle your fancy, maybe punching something while you’re at it will make for a more interesting workout. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but whatever helps you get motivated to put in the training should be a good thing.

The Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer consists of a standard-looking exercise bike, with fixed handlebars, an adjustable saddle, and a pair of pedals that you can slip your riding shoes into. It has 16 resistance levels, so you can opt for a light ride by keeping it down, turn it up like you’re climbing a steep mountain path, or give yourself enough challenge by keeping it somewhere in between, with the magnetic eddy current system providing enough resistance to put your leg and core muscles to work. All your performance stats can be viewed through the built-in touchscreen console, where you can also adjust settings and choose from a variety of workout programs.

Of course, it’s more than a bike trainer, as it comes with an integrated punch pad out front, which comes with five distinct targets. As such, the touchscreen console comes with unique workout programs that combine both cycling and punching, with the system able to track not just your performance on the bike, but your performance on the punch pad, too.

The Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer can be adjusted to accommodate different riders, of course. The punch pad out front, along with the handlebar and console connected to it, can be moved across different heights, while the saddle can be adjusted both vertically to accommodate different user heights and horizontally to let you reach the punch pad, regardless of your arm length. It comes with specially-designed gloves sporting flexible straps that will protect your fists when going to work on the punch pad, while toe cages and foot straps should keep the pedals under your feet at all times.

The equipment is supported by a welded, all-steel frame that’s sturdy enough to support weights of up to 300 pounds, allowing you to pounce on that pedal like a madman without worrying about damaging the bike. It has  front-to-back leveling feet at the base, by the way, which should ensure it stays stable at all times, with wheels that you can attach out front allowing you to easily move it from room to room.

The Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer is available now.

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