Linedock Is The All-In-One MacBook Accessory You Probably Need


Apple’s decision to minimize the ports on their laptops opened the door for plenty of new peripherals. For the most part, they all do the same thing – they give you a bunch of ports for hooking up stuff to your computer. The Linedock does the same thing, but adds a few clever touches that elevates it above your standard accessory.

No, it’s not another dongle. Instead, it’s a board similar in size to your MacBook’s dimensions, allowing you to use it as a platform to put your laptop at an elevated height. That similar size means you can also keep it on the same sleeve as your laptop, so you can always have them together, ensuring you never end up forgetting to bring your trusted port hub along.


The Linedock expands your laptop’s connectivity with three USB Type-C ports, three USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI slot, a miniDisplayPort, and an SD card slot, giving you a powerful hub to charge and connect all your accessories. Because it’s connected to the laptop using a single USB slot, there’s only a single cable to pull out when you need to take the laptop to a different part of the room, so it’s still very easy to move the thing around the room.

The half dozen USB slots can go on charging duty simultaneously, allowing you to charge up to six devices at the same time, so you can juice up your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, GoPro, and whatever else, all in one go. While designed to work with a laptop, the device can be used as a standalone charging hub, too – just plug it into a wall outlet using a standard USB Type-C laptop charger and you’re set.


The Linedock’s laptop-sized shell, of course, leaves room inside the shell for much more than a selection of ports. As such, the outfit also fit in a 20,000mAh battery module inside, allowing you to use this as a power bank when taking your laptop on the road. With support for pass-through charging, you can charge that battery from a wall outlet while powering the laptop at the same time, so both your laptop and the accessory can have their batteries fully charged the whole time you’re plugged in.


Aside from a battery, the case can also accommodate SSD storage, with options to equip it with either a 256GB or 1TB unit. That means, the same port hub and power bank you carry around with your MacBook Pro can also serve as external storage, allowing you to use just one additional device to get a whole collection of function, making it one convenient accessory to have around. And yes, the SSD is optional, so you can opt for a storage-free unit if you already have enough external drives.

The Linedock is available in two sizes: 13 inches and 15 inches, with prices starting at $299 for units without SSD storage. It comes in two colors, matte black and space gray, to go with your Apple laptop’s aesthetic.

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