Use The Livestream Movi To Give Your Amateur Video Streams Professional-Quality Flair


Anyone with a camera, an internet connection, and access to a video streaming platform can live stream any event online.   Problem is, making that video look professional will require a robust setup, along with some high-level expertise. The Movi camera wants to change that.

Created by leading live video platform Livestream, it’s a standalone live streaming camera designed to help folks create professional-looking video streams without having to fork out thousands of dollars to get a commercial-grade setup. Whether you want to show feeds of musical performances from a local club, a footgolf tournament, or any other type of live event, this thing should help you level up the quality of your streams, all while requiring a minimum of investment in resources.


The Livestream Movi is a compact camera that measures 2.5 x 2 inches (l x w), making it convenient to bring anywhere you intend to shoot your live events. It’s got quite the decent hardware, too, boasting a 150-degree lens, 4K sensor, and built-in stereo mics, allowing it to function as a live streaming all-in-one. The software, however, is what really makes the difference. Available for iOS only (for the meantime), the app takes live footage from the camera that you (or any of your cohorts) can edit on the fly, allowing you to split up that 4K feed into multiple 1080p shots that you can alternate showing on the actual live stream, making it feel like you’re working with a multi-camera setup.   From the app, you can even pan across the screen, add filters, zoom, and more. If you’re shooting a solo performance alone in your bedroom, there’s also the option of giving it free rein to do automatic editing.


Now available for preorder, Movi is priced at $199.

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