Lumu Turns The iPhone Into A Light Meter For Film Photography Buffs

Modern cameras come with advanced sensors and algorithms that allow them to automatically measure light and take optimal shots.  If you’re working with film, however, those things still need to be done separately, making a light meter indispensable when it comes to choosing the right exposure for each shot.  The Lumu is a small accessory that lets you turn an iPhone (iOS 6 and newer) into one.

Designed to measure incidental light, the device will give accurate readings on the amount of light that falls directly on the subject, giving users the correct photo parameters, whether they’re shooting portraits in the studio, snapping candid scenes in the park, or taking pictures of the dog chasing his laser collar at home.  Even better, it can measure multiple areas when shooting under dynamic light, allowing you to see contrast ratios and use averaged values to get the perfect balance for each shot.

The Lumu plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack, immediately turning your smartphone into a state of the art light meter.  As of now, it comes with two different apps: a standard light metering app for photo and video, as well as a second one for pinhole cameras.  Measuring less than an inch in diameter and three-fourths of an inch thick, you can simply drop it in a pocket or hang it on a lanyard, making it infinitely more convenient than a traditional light meter.  Additionally, it requires no charging, drawing power directly from the smartphone’s audio port, so there’s absolutely no maintenance necessary.

Available now, the Lumu retails for $149.

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