Lunicycle Uses Leg Supports To Make It Easier To Balance Atop A One-Wheeled Ride


We have no idea how long it takes to actually learn to ride a traditional unicycle. Truth be told, it doesn’t seem easy. That won’t be the case, though, with the Lunicycle, which uses a leg support system to make it easier to balance than conventional unicycles.

Using a system similar to the Solowheel, it provides a facility that your calves can lean into during a ride, making it easier to maintain your body’s balance while pedaling. It also has a low center of gravity to ensure you’re unlikely to suffer any adverse consequences even if you fall off.


Designed to offer some serious exercise, the Lunicycle comes with no seat, so you’ll be standing and balancing your body the entire time you pedal. Like traditional unicycles, you turn by simply shifting your body weight, freeing up both hands the whole time, so you can check your phone, eat a sandwich, and even carry groceries in each hand. Instead of a round wheel, it uses one that’s slightly oval, which makes it easier to mount (it won’t just roll out of control), apart from helping you maintain momentum when riding, although it does take standard bicycle tires, so you can buy replacements right off the local bike shops. Features include adjustable pedal locations, a maximum weight of 300 pounds, and a convenient handle on top, so you can carry it by hand in places where you’re not allowed to ride.


Available now, the Lunicycle is priced at $149.

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