This Overengineered Flask Protects Your Whiskey Like An Armored Tank


No, you absolutely don’t need the Macallan x Urwerk Flask 2, an over-engineered drinking vessel for heading out with a good load of your favorite libations in your pocket. If you appreciate the audacity of a flask that’s virtually indestructible, however, we’re guessing you’re absolutely going to want one anyway.

That’s right, a liquor company partnered up with a luxury watchmaker to put together the most reinforced drinking flask we’ve ever seen. And it looks as rugged as it’s supposed to function – let’s just say we like its chances of survival a whole lot better when you end up wrestling a bear in a rocky forest with this thing in your pocket.


The Macallan x Urwerk Flask 2 comes in a shape reminiscent of some of Urwerk’s timepieces, with angled edges and a hobnail-patterned surface that should make it a whole lot easier to grip. Like the machinations under Urwerk’s watches, it has a complicated construction made up of 156 parts, which go towards giving it with unique function. For instance, it actually comes with two tanks inside, allowing you to carry two different types of spirits, so you can make cocktail mixes on the go.


Construction, by the way, is titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum, ensuring it can handle drops, bumps, and the ravages of daily life with ease. Features include a connected arm on the cap, a spring-loaded directional mouthpiece, integrated flip-out stands, and cask indicators.

Slated for availability tomorrow, the Macallan x Urwerk Flask 2 is priced at £1,995.

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