This Butterfly Knife Opens Into A Handy BBQ Fork For All Your Grilling Duties


We’re big fans of the Tactical BBQ Apron and its intimidating effect around backyard parties. If you’re going to run around dressed like the official cook of the SWAT team, it’s probably a good idea to be duly armed for the role. No, we’re not talking about flashing a Kalashnikov around your family and friends – more like wielding this Tactical BBQ Fork to give your grilling tool set a more aggressive look.

A balisong-style BBQ fork, the cooking tool comes with two folding handles that can lock to either trap the fork inside them or allow you to skewer that sausage on the grill securely. And, yes, you can show off your butterfly knife skills with it, too, wielding it like you’re some kind of gangster from an 80s action movie.


When folded, the Tactical BBQ Fork measures just 4.7 inches, making it small enough to throw on your apron pouch, with no risk of having it catch on to anything around you the way your spatulas and tongs normally do. It’s constructed from 100 percent stainless steel, so it should hold up to endless backyard cookouts, all while sporting a legit-looking badass aesthetic. The fork comes with a built-in bottle opener, by the way, so you don’t have to go searching for one every time you get a hankering to sip on some suds while waiting for the coals to heat up.


Available now, the Tactical BBQ Fork is priced at $13.

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