Massca Viking Arm Tool Can Lift, Press, And Clamp With 330 Pounds Of Force

If you do home repairs, woodworking, or any type of handyman work, chances are, you have tools that you depend on to lift, press, and clamp various items during a job. An air shim, for instance, lets you work on the underside of a heavy cabinet without having to turn it over, while a few pieces of shim wedges can get the job done when hanging a door all by yourself. The Massca Viking Arm wants to be the go-to tool for those jobs and more.

A hand-controlled jack, it allows you to easily lift heavy objects with very little effort on your part, making it extremely handy for tasks that would normally require a second person to hold the thing in place. Need to lift a large fridge and hold it in place while you replace a broken foot? This will do the trick. What about holding a cabinet at a raised height while you screw it down to the wall? Yep, this should do the trick, too.

The Massca Viking Arm is, basically, a jack designed for a variety of handyman work that will require lifting objects and holding them in place. We know… you can use air shims and other tools for that. This tool, however, comes with precision height adjustment that allows you to raise and lower objects at mere fractions of an inch, which makes it easier to set objects at the exact height you desire. It’s strong, too, with each tool having the ability to lift objects weighing up to 330 pounds, so you can simply use two or more if you need to lift something even more substantial.

According to the outfit, it has a vertical range of 0.23 inches to 8.46 inches, so you can lift objects off a surface to a pretty decent height. Even better, it has a solid locking mechanism that will not only keep objects in place, but allow you to lower them slowly for making micro adjustments.  There’s also a quick release mechanism, if you want the lock to disengage and lower the item immediately.

As you can imagine, the Massca Viking Arm can prove a very useful tool for all sorts of lifting tasks, such as when you’re installing doors, windows, and cabinets around the house. You can also use one or more to lift and keep a frame of wood in place during woodworking, making it a simpler and more versatile alternative to traditional shims and wedges. The same lifting function, by the way, allows you to use it as a pressing tool for holding floorboards and wood pieces tightly in place with no gaps in between, as well as a demolition tool for prying fastened objects apart (use the lifting pressure to separate nailed pieces of wood, for instance).

Additionally, it can function as a trigger clamp, although you’ll have to reverse the shaft to do that. In clamp mode, it’s able to retain the same 330 pounds of pressure, so it’s one strong tool for holding stuff together. Construction is stainless steel and aluminum for the tool, so it’s all-metal, ensuring it will hold up to the rigors of job sites and workshops.

The Massca Viking Arm is available now.

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