Meshbottle Turns The Classic Milk Container Into A Viable Travel Bottle


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with drinking water out of bottles made from plastic or metal. Still, there’s nothing more natural than enjoying your refreshments from a drinking vessel cut in glass. Because travel bottles get tossed, dropped, and rolled around with impunity, however, glass has always been out of the picture. That is, until the Meshbottle came along.

Yes, the actual bottle is made entirely from glass, with the beverage stored in a 99.9 percent glass environment (the remaining percentage is for the silicone gasket). Since glass is fragile, each bottle is covered in a silicone mesh material that should absorb some of the impact during accidental falls and bumps, giving your bottle at least a fighting chance at living for another day.


The Meshbottle actually uses Stanpac’s classic milk bottles, so it’s a proven design that’s been in use for over 60 years. It’s made from soda lime glass, which is reasonably hard while being ideal for recycling (since it can be softened and melted multiple times over), while the cap is cut in the same glass with a silicon cover to make it easier to handle. Because of the glass construction, you get all the benefits of traditional glass drinking vessels, from not retaining any odors to being easier to clean to letting you see what’s inside. It comes with a capacity of 1 pint (16 fluid ounces).


Available in a variety of colors for the silicon cover, the Meshbottle is priced at $22.

Meshbottle with Silicone Top - Burnt Orange -...
  • Silicone cap design prevents beverage from contact with common plastics.