Miniforms Caruso Puts A Bluetooth Speaker In A Storage Cabinet With A Giant Horn Outside


Most home speakers come in their own cabinet enclosures. That’s normal enough. The Caruso, though, has a cabinet enclosure that looks like an actual storage cabinet, allowing for easy placement anywhere at home, all while doubling as a piece of storage furniture.

Designed by Paolo Cappello for Italian outfit Miniforms, it’s a Bluetooth speaker that masquerades as a horn speaker that also happens to take the form of a storage cabinet. And while that description may sound confusing, the actual result is nothing but glorious, making for a truly eye-catching addition to any living and entertainment space.


The Miniforms Caruso doesn’t just look like a freestanding cabinet – it’s also meant to function as one, with the right door leading to a two-level storage compartment once opened. The left door and its accompanying compartment, however, are reserved for the actual audio hardware, which include a single-channel pneumatic speaker, a 160mm midwoofer, a 13mm tweeter, and two 50-watt Class D amps, which stream audio from your music over a Bluetooth connection. Outside the enclosure sits a ceramic horn that, according to the company, actually helps enhance the sound from the driver elements, apart from making the entire thing look like it came straight out of a child’s imagination.


Construction is lacquered wood in a variety of paint finishes, although they also offer Canaletto walnut and 300-year old Italian oak for more discerning buyers. Similarly, the ceramic horn can be coated in a variety of paint finishes, with a 24-karat gold-plated option if you need more shiny things in your life. It measures 39 inches wide.

Available now, pricing for the Miniforms Caruso starts at €2,699.

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