Blow Your Living Room Away: Pnoe Horn Speakers

Tired of high-end home speakers that look like high-end home speakers?  Blow your entertainment system some style with the Pnoe, a gorgeous behemoth of a speaker clad in the form of a giant horn.

Created by Arcadian Audio, this seeming cross between an alphorn, a tuba and a vuvuzuela features sleek lines that make it as much a room centerpiece as an audio delivery component.  Developed over ten years, the company’s flagship horn speaker claims to bring a “wide and precise” soundstage, along with a unique “clarity and fullness of sound.”

The Pnoe is, basically, a full-featured speaker clad in a large, single-driver horn design.   It’s definitely not the first horn speaker ever devised (even those old phonographs had them), but it probably qualifies as among the most powerful, with a speaker sensitivity of 100db/W and an impedance of 16 Ohms.   Suffice to say, you’ll probably destroy your hearing using this in the bathroom – listening rooms with a minimum three meters of distance between the listener and the giant speaker are recommended.

Made from fiberglass and special damping materials, the speakers are designed to create the smoothest and roundest path for the sound waves out in front, keeping them away from any form of obstruction.  The horn body only comes in charcoal black and ivory white, but the driver mount, grille and grille fabric can be customized in any colors.

No pricing was announced for the Arcadian Audio Pnoe.  It’s considered a luxury pair of high-end speakers, though, and any time you get both “high-end” and “luxury” in the same sentence, you just know it’s gonna be priced steep.

[Arcadian Audio via Born Rich]