Use Miti To Turn Any Foot-Long Log Into An Outdoor Stove


There’s no shortage of portable options for cooking in the wild outdoors, from the Survival Stove to Biolite’s Camp Stove to the nature-powered GoSun. So far, though, we’ve never seen anything as portable (or as manly, for that matter) as the Miti-001, a single disc that you can equip into a functional outdoor stove.

That’s right, the entire thing just consists of a single disc and a set of pegs. No, you’re not going to cook using just those, of course, but they’re the only things you need to squeeze in your pack, freeing up plenty of other space for any other gear you need to bring for the trip.


To use Miti-001, you’ll need to pair it with a round log (they recommend one between 12 to 14 inches long, with a diameter of 7.5 to 9 inches) that you either find or make yourself at camp (finally, a use for your axe-chopping skills). Stand the log vertically, use an axe to split it into four pieces, and attach the disc to the top using the included pegs, where it will serve as the stovetop. From there, you simply insert twigs, branches, leaves, and other things you can use as fuel in the cracks between each of the log pieces, light them up, and start cooking once you get a fire going. Both the laser-cut disc and the pegs are made from steel, with the whole thing weighing just 2.5 pounds.


Available now, the Miti-001 is priced at CAD $65.

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