Montis Dickens Armchair Modernizes The Smoking Chair

Unlike most people in your age group, you neither dress like a stylish rapper or a 90s slacker holdout.  You’re classier than that, strolling about town looking dapper in tailored suits and spit-shine dress shoes.  That’s how you roll.  If your house reflects the same refined taste, then the Montis Dickens Armchair should fit right in.

Designed by Dick Spierenburg, the furniture draws inspiration from 50s-era smoking chairs.  The style is strictly modern, though, so don’t worry about looking like your grandma outfitted the living room to look like a 1950s law office.

The Montis Dickens Armchair features wooden rectangular frames, with a pair of thick boxy cushions (seat and backrest) casually hanging off them.  Like the classic smoking chairs of old, it has a slightly reclined posture, allowing you to lean back and be all chill while chugging an expensive glass of scotch in your dapper bachelor’s digs.  Or something like that.  Even better, you can adjust it slightly, so you can sit up if you prefer a less-slackerish pose.

Construction is solid walnut, with a choice of ash carbon or oak finish.   Cushions come with leather upholstery.  No pricing yet, but expect the Dickens Armchair to drop in one of Montis’ collections during the year.

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