This MTS Laptop Bag Can Fend Off Bullets, Knives, And Baseball Bats


Most laptop bags protect your computer and other electronics from the grind of everyday life. The MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase does that, too, but doubles up on the function by also serving as a ballistic shield.

Made by Force Training, the bag doubles as a level IIIA shield that can fend off bullets from handguns, shotguns, and pistol-caliber sub-machine guns, making for an instant defensive tool that you can unleash as soon as gunshots begin flying your way. Whether you’re a secret agent who engages in gunfights as a daily routine or just some dude who wants to be duly-protected when terrible things go down, this bag is exactly the kind you’ll want to keep on hand.


Aside from blocking bullets, the MTS can also be used as a regular shield, helping you cover up to block edge objects (e.g. knives), blunt weapons (e.g. baseball bats), and even hand-to-hand attacks. If you want to reinforce it even further, there’s an “up-armor” option that adds metal plates to add protection against high-powered firearms. Features include a low-profile design (seriously, it looks like a regular laptop bag), soft-lined interior to protect your laptop, a MIL-SPEC shoulder strap that will cling tight to your shoulders to free up both hands during an attack, a covert-access utility pouch for your own weapon, and durable 1680-Denier triple-stitch construction. It measures 12 x 17.5 inches and weighs 8 pounds.


To use, simply unbuckle the bag’s lid while it hangs from your shoulder and hide behind its 3-foot long surface, making it dead-simple to equip during times of distress. It’s also ambidextrous, so it can be deployed by whichever hand will prove more efficient.

Available now, the MTS Multi-Threat Shield is priced at $899.

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