Muvi Micro Camcorder Thinks Your Flip Is Too Big


Pocket camcorders are great.  But those Minos and Ultras are sooo two years ago.  Smaller is always better and the Muvi Micro Camcorder outsizes them for the victory.

Sure, that old thing fits in your pocket.  This 50-gram gadget, on the other hand, can slip into your pocket even with a cellphone inside it.    You think the Flip is simple?  With only one button available (for recording), this makes reading a book sound complicated.

Measuring 5.5 x 2 x 2 cm, the Muvi Micro is the world’s smallest camcorder.  It captures 640 x 480 videos with a wide-angle 72-degree field view at 30fps, allowing you to record AVI-format movies comparable to bigger pocket shooters.  A 2GB microSD card comes docked onto the device, good for one hour of footage.  If you need more space, simply replace it with up to 8GB-sized cards for saving lengthy performances.  Do note that the rechargeable battery can only do up to two hours of recordings before needing to be replenished.

Since it’s so small, it can be used as a webcam (comes with a monitor clip) or hung around your neck (yep, comes with a lanyard too).  For the extremely lazy, there’s a special VOX mode, which allows you to start and stop recording via voice command.  The goodies don’t even there.  Package also includes a waterproof skin (in case you feel like shooting in the rain), an arm band strap (in case you want to videotape places only your arm can reach), a headband strap (in case you want to look stupid), a mounting strap for handlebars (for action footage) and a wall mount kit (in case you want to record yourself sleeping).  Whew.

Smaller can sometimes be better.  In the case of the Muvi Micro Camcorder, it definitely is.  The device is available now for only £69.99.

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