Nakefit Puts A Protective Layer On Your Underfoot, So You Can Go Barefoot Comfortably

Whether at home, on the beach, or around camp, some people just enjoy going barefoot. Problem is, even in those pretty benign settings, there are still things that can really hurt your feet. So what do you do when you want to go barefoot, but don’t want to put up with the hassles of little pebbles, tiny debris, and whatever random objects happens to be lying on your walking path? The Nakefit offers a viable solution.

Designed to cover your soles while you walk around barefoot, it provides a protective covering for the undersurface of your feet, all while allowing you the freedom to move without constricting shoes in tow. Want to roam the beach barefoot without burning your soles on hot sand? This will work.  Want to walk around your backyard with no shoes, but don’t want to get abrasions from random pebbles, tiny stones, and the occasional stub of wood sticking out on the ground? Yes, this should handle those just fine.

The Nakefit is an adhesive sole that sticks directly to your underfoot, creating a protective barrier between your sole and the world at large. That way, there’s a layer serving as a buffer between your skin and whatever hazards lurk on the ground, whether it’s a random LEGO brick at home, a loose nail in the patio, or a sharp pebble lying innocently on the grassy ground at the local park, allowing you to avoid pricks and abrasions, no matter how long you go around without wearing any footwear. It comes in various sizes similar to traditional shoes, too, so you can find the exact fit for your feet.

Aside from protection, the soles also provide additional grip while being impervious to water, making them ideal for use around swimming pools, water parks, and other wet areas where you can encounter slippery sections along the way. Places like locker rooms and spas should also make an ideal spot for wearing these instead of flip-flops, as they can keep your underfoot while providing a shield from any grime and pollutants lurking about on those public floors.

The Nakefit is available now, priced at $17.99.

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