Nebo Glow Adds A Work Light, A Lantern, And A Mug Handle To Your Reusable 30oz Tumbler


Do you really need a flashlight in your mug? We don’t know. If you want to illuminate an erstwhile dark space while sipping coffee without having to use that free hand for a flashlight, though, you might find legitimate use for the Nebo Glow.

An add-on handle for popular reusable tumblers in the market, the accessory adds a convenient handle to the cup, allowing you to carry it with a comfortable mug-like grip. Unlike other handles, it comes with built-in LEDs, so you can use it for various lighting tasks on top of conveniently toting around your favorite refreshments.


The Nebo Glow is an ergonomic handle that can slide into 30oz YETI tumblers and similarly-sized drinking vessels, as well as smaller 20oz YETI tumblers using the included insert. Designed to grip around two sections of the cup, it should post a secure hold on the vessel, ensuring it stays on, whether you’re quietly sipping coffee in the morning, busying yourself at the grill in the backyard, or jumping around table-to-table entertaining guests at a party. According to the outfit, the ergonomic handle should give any individual greater control of their cups, making it easier to use at home, at work, or anywhere else you spend time sipping on beverages.

It comes with two sets of lighting: a work light on the upper section and a lantern at the bottom. The work light illuminates the area right in front of the mug, allowing you to use it when doing repairs under the sink, checking on your car engine in the garage, or searching for things you accidentally lost somewhere down the street at night. The lantern, on the other hand, disperses the light around the vicinity of the mug, making it a useful way to illuminate small spaces, so you can use it as a lamp during power outages and nights out under the stars.


The Nebo Glow has a work light that puts out 220 lumens, which it shines at distances of up to 24 meters, while the lantern puts out 130 lumens and disperses it within a closer vicinity. It uses three AAA batteries for power, a fresh batch of which will be enough to keep either the task light or the lantern switched on for three hours. And yes, you can switch on both lights simultaneously, although doing so will likely cut down the battery life even shorter. Suffice to say, at the rate it will go through AAAs, you might want to buy some rechargeable units to keep this thing humming.


In case you don’t have batteries on hand, the contraption remains functional as a drinking accessory, as you can you still use it to add handles to any compatible tumbler or cup you have at home. As such, even if you find yourself using the lights very seldom, it should remain a useful addition to anyone’s gear stash. Do note, the size of the accessory leaves cups fitted with it a little too big for many cup holders, so it might be a potential sticking point if you prefer slotting your cup in one instead of setting it down a flat surface.

Want one? The Nebo Glow is available now.

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