Nemo Double Haul 100L Can Transform Into a Duffel, a Backpack, or a 140L Tote

Sometimes, you need a duffel. Other times, you need a backpack. Then, there are those times a tote bag makes the most sense. If you also have a need for the biggest bag you can get, the Nemo Double Haul 100L just might be the best option for the job.

That’s right, it’s a convertible bag that can be used as a duffel, backpack, or tote, all while offering a whopping 100L of volume capacity. Yes, a full 100L. Will you even need a 100L bag? We don’t know, but it’s still nice to have one for those times you need to take your entire closet, along with a heaping of other gear. That, or when you rob a bank vault or a gold depot or something.

The Nemo Double Haul 100L is a three-in-one bag that can be used as a 100L duffel, a 100L backpack, or a 140L tote. That’s right, it gets even bigger in tote mode, which is absolutely absurd, considering how big it already is. The bag doesn’t really change much in either duffel or backpack mode, with the bag just giving you multiple sets of straps to either carry it by hand, on one shoulder, or on your back. Basically, you pack it like a regular duffel using the wide zippered opening, which is structured, so the opening stays wide the whole time to make packing a more convenient affair, then you carry it whatever way you want,

When deploying as a tote, you need to release the buckles on the side and take out the tote bag handles, which are tucked away out of sight. It has stiffened trusses that allow the tote to stay upright when you set it down, with the opening also staying wide open to let you pack without any obstructions. And yes, it looks big enough to fit an entire person in that tote, although we doubt you’ll be able to carry it on one shoulder the way we usually haul totes.

The Nemo Double Haul 100L has mesh pockets inside for organizing smaller items, as well as large zippered exterior pocket for items you want to put within easy reach. Construction is a Bluesign-approved 420D recycled nylon shell, which should be extremely durable, with a urethane-coating to bolster its water-repellent function and a recycled polyester lining. According to the outfit, the bag has been designed to be easily repairable, allowing you to extend the bag’s eventual lifespan. It measures 28 x 18 x 13 inches (length x depth x height) and weighs 4.4 pounds.

If you like the convertible three-in-one design, but find the 100L size a bit too much for your needs, Nemo also offers the bag in other sizes. Specifically, you can also get it in 30L, 55L, and 70L sizes, each of which should be better suited for different tasks that don’t require packing such a massive trove of gear. The bag is available in a variety of colors, too.

The Nemo Double Haul 100L is available now.

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