Add Some Prehistoric Rage To Your Foam Battles With The Nerf Dinosquad Armorstrike Blaster

Any time there’s a new Jurassic World movie, the dinosaur toys keep popping up. Doesn’t matter whether it’s actually tied in to the franchise or not, either, as dinosaur toys begin selling as soon people regularly see trailers with T-rexes and velociraptors and all sorts of prehistoric creatures. That’s why if you’re buying a new foam blaster, we have a feeling you might gravitate to the Nerf Dinosquad Armorstrike Dart Blaster.

Yes, it’s a Nerf blaster that looks like a dinosaur. Well, kind of like one. You can also make the argument that it just looks like a fish or some kind of scaly reptile that you saw that one time you went on vacation, but we’ll go with dinosaur since that should let you channel some sort of primordial rage that will have you wreaking havoc like a dinosaur loose on your next foam battle.

The Nerf Dinosquad Armorstrike Dart Blaster is a merchandise tie-in with Dinosquad, that weird animated series featuring five teenagers who can transform into dinosaurs. Yep, there was a show with superheroes that performed Hulk-like transformations. Except, instead of a green giant, they turned into prehistoric monster whose goal is to stop Victor Velloci, a madman intent on turning humans into mutant dinosaurs. Basically, the show is one big excuse to put different dinosaurs in modern day settings, which sounds even wilder than Jurassic Park.

The blaster itself is modeled after the likeness of an ankylosaurus, which is, apparently, an armored dinosaur that can take a beating and keep on charging. That’s why, it’s got that curved body shape with armored knobs and plates, which resemble the prehistoric creature. By the way, none of the characters from the show actually transformed into an ankylosaurus, which, we guess, makes sense, so they don’t feel weird when they actually use this blaster to fight Velocci’s henchmen.

The Nerf Dinosquad Armorstrike Dart Blaster uses a pump-action drop grip for priming (move it backward and forward to prime), while its front-end placement allows you to really stabilize the blaster to ensure a solid aim. It has an eight-dart rotating barrel, so you can unleash a short but powerful attack, with eight additional darts on the stock allowing you to quickly reload in the heat of battle. There’s no word on the product page about slam fire support, so we guess you won’t be able to just keep the trigger and prime for a sustained attack. Basically, you won’t be able to unload fast, which, we guess, is the downside to being  the blaster version of an armored dinosaur.  Hey… all that armor is heavy.

It comes with tactical rails on the stock, although we’re not sure what you’re going to put on those rails that will make this a better blaster. Then again, maybe it’s just there to make it look cooler, which, we have to admit, does get that part done.

If you’ve ever wanted a blaster that looks like a dinosaur so you can shoot your toy dinosaurs with a projectile-launching dinosaur, then the Nerf Dinosquad Armorstrike Dart Blaster is just the prehistoric creature for the job. It’s available now.

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