Turn Your Fridge Door Into A Mario Level With These Awesome Fridge Magnets


Yes, building your own game levels on Mario Maker is fun. Problem is, you’re going to have to get a Wii U to enjoy it – not exactly the easiest purchase when you spend most of your gaming time on other consoles and a high-powered PC. In the meantime, why not simulate a Mario Maker session in the kitchen with the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Fridge Magnets?

That’s right, it’s a fridge magnet set that consists of individual elements from the long-running game franchise, allowing you to make your own Mario level right on the fridge door. Granted, you can’t actually play it like you’d play a custom level on the game, but it does make adding useful magnets on the fridge a whole lot more fun.


The Nintendo Super Mario Bros Fridge Magnets comes with 80 individual pieces, so there’s a whole lot of things here to arrange on the fridge door, giving you a decent variety of options for your personalized game level. Both Mario and Luigi get a magnet each, along with multiple Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and man-eating plants. Various-sized bricks for creating your platforms are also included, same with multiple question boxes, warp pipes, coins, mushrooms, and various background items (clouds, mountains, and more). Simply put, they took a whole lot of elements from the original game and cast them in magnet form, allowing you to turn the fridge door into a veritable Mario game world.

Available now, the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Fridge Magnets are priced at $20.

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