Nuggy Is A Dedicated Multi-Tool For Potheads And Smokers


Yes, any standard multi-tool can help a pothead perform his daily rolling, packing, and dabbing duties. If toking is a regular part of your everyday life, though, then it might be high time to trade in your favorite pocket knife for one that’s built specifically with your kind of people in mind. That would be the Nuggy, a multi-tool put together with smokers’ needs in mind.

Billed as a “Swiss Army Knife for smokers,” it’s packed with tools designed to help you roll, grind, pack, dab, scoop, scrape, and poke, ensuring it’s all you need to reach for every time you sit down in a corner to partake in your favorite herbs. Whether you enjoy your toke from a pipe glass, rolling paper, or a vaporizer, this thing will have the necessary tools to make every preparation step a breeze.


The Nuggy Smoker’s Multi-Tool is shaped like an extra-thick pick, ensuring it fits conveniently inside any shirt or pants pocket. It comes with 10 flip-out tools, namely a knife, a pair of scissors, a clip, a tamper, a mini-spoon, a bowl scraper, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, a picker, and a LED torch. Yes, they didn’t throw in a lighter, which seems like an odd omission, although they do cover most everything else that potheads could need, so it is quite complete.


A spring-lock mechanism secures each tool whether it’s opened or closed, with individual levers making each tool particularly convenient to pull out. It weighs just half a pound.

Available now, the Nuggy Smoker’s Multi-Tool is priced at $33.

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