The Okki Nokki Is A Turntable For Cleaning Your Vinyl Records


You already spent the money to buy a quality turntable and needles. You don’t mind spending the money to purchase high-quality vinyl recordings of your favorite music either. Might as well go all in and spend even more to make sure everything stays in top condition with the Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine.

While it looks like a particularly beefy turntable for playing the brand new Jack White 7-inch at first glance, it isn’t. Instead of playing your analog recordings, it’s designed to clean it, thoroughly and carefully removing any dirt and fluid that finds its way on a record’s surface and grooves.


To start cleaning a vinyl record, you start off by placing it on the Okki Nokki’s turntable platform, add a little record cleaning fluid, and switch the turntable on so it starts spinning like a regular record player. You then take the included goat hair cleaning brush and hold it over the record, allowing it to dig into the grooves to remove any dirt hiding inside its tiny nooks and crannies. After a few spins, you switch on the suction arm, which will vacuum any foreign object right out of the record’s surface while its spinning motion continues. All residual dirt and fluids are placed in an internal reservoir that you can remove later for disposal. It comes with a 12-inch vacuum arm to handle any size of vinyl, although you can opt for either 7 or 10 inches if you don’t have any full-size records in your collection.

The Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine is available now, priced at $649.

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