Ori Cloud Bed Table Converts From Bed To Spacious Home Office At The Push Of A Button

Working from home is nice. That is, if your home is nice. If you live in a cramped studio, forced to get your work done in bed or the couch, we doubt you enjoy having to do your job completely homebound all that much. The Ori Cloud Bed Table offers a way to make smaller spaces a lot more conducive to work from home setups.

A combined bedroom and home office solution, it can go from a large bed to a large work table at the push of a button, allowing you to quickly transform the space depending on what you need at the moment. Whether you’re looking to install a home office inside a studio apartment, a guest room in your loft, or a hotel room, this thing lets you integrate one right where a large bed would be the one and only fixture.

The Ori Cloud Bed Table is a whole room solution consisting of a large bed, a large table, integrated storage, wall panels, and a ceiling compartment. Yeah, it’s a bit much, with the whole thing requiring available space totaling to 7.2 x 9.3 x 8.5 feet (width x depth x height), so you’ll need a decent amount of room and a high ceiling to accommodate it. In bed mode, the bed goes in front of the storage section and on top of the table, which has folding legs that lower it to fit snugly under the bed frame. In office mode, the bed slides up towards the ceiling compartment using integrated rails in the wall panels, allowing it to move completely out of the way.

The entire conversion system is done automatically, activated either through integrated push button controls, a companion smartphone app, or voice commands (Alexa and Google Assistant), making it easy to go from bed to office and back. According to the outfit, the whole transition takes 42 seconds or less, too, so you can literally wake up, activate the conversion, take a leak, and come back with your home office ready for duty.

The Ori Cloud Bed Table can be outfitted with either a King or Queen bed, depending on the buyer’s preference, complete with an optional 8-inch mattress with a 2-inch memory foam top layer. Do note, the previously stated dimensions are for the Queen bed, with the King requiring an extra 16 inches in width and six inches in height, so it will need a bit more space. The desk, on the other hand, has a worktop measuring 66 x 32 inches, so there’s enough room there to easily accommodate two people with all their work gear. For meetings, the desk can be even fit up to five individuals.

Other features include shelves and cabinets for storage (4.5 cubic feet for the Queen and 6 cubic feet for the King), LED ambient lighting, and three built-in power outlets. Construction is poplar laminate with high-pressure laminate on top, spruce wood for the bed slates, and powder-coated carbon steel.

The Ori Cloud Bed Table is available now.

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