Ototo Mark-Eat: Keep Your Steaks And Kebabs Moist With This Highlighter Pen


If you grill and roast food a lot, then you probably keep a baster somewhere in the kitchen. Whether it’s a bulb baster for turkey or a basting brush for barbecue, we highly recommend throwing them all out now in favor of Ototo’s new Mark-Eat baster.

A baster that looks like a highlighter pen, it lets you moisten your steaks, kebabs, and Thanksgiving turkey with the same writing instrument you use to mark passages when reading a textbook. Well, one that looks like it anyway. Seriously, the darn thing looks like it belongs more in a classroom or library than right next to the grill, but that’s exactly what this thing is rigged for.


Aside from the unusual looks, the Ototo Mark-Eat actually performs double-duty as both a basting brush and a bulb baster. I know, there’s no bulb anywhere in sight, but it can suck up any marinate or sauce with a simple squeeze-and-release move, all while dumping it straight onto your target with just another squeeze. You can, of course, also use it like a regular basting brush, dipping onto your barbecue and spreading it onto your steaks like a painter laying strokes on a masterpiece. Or something like that.


It comes in that bright yellow color that’s common for highlighter pens, too, so don’t be surprised if your teen mistakes it for one and throws it in her bag. Dimensions are 3.5 x 3 x 15.5 cm.

Available now, the Ototo Mark-Eat is priced at $14.

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