Paralenz Dive Camera Can Record 4K Video At Up To 656 Feet Deep


Yes, you can put a GoPro in a waterproof case, mount it on your goggles, and use it to capture underwater sights during your diving adventures. Problem is, GoPros aren’t exactly designed for deep sea diving, leaving them unsuitable for use at the kind of depths serious divers tend to wade into during their dives. You need an action cam that’s custom-built for the job at hand and that’s exactly what the Paralenz Dive Camera brings to your video capture arsenal.

A dedicated action cam for divers, the rig doesn’t even require a waterproof case during use, as the whole thing is housed in a submersible enclosure. That’s right, you can mount the thing bare on your mask or carry it in hand the entire time with no need for extra protective accessories.


The Paralenz Dive Camera can record in 4K at 30 fps, 1080p at 100 fps, and 720p, at 200 fps, so this gets you some pretty high framerates, ensuring you can use your videos for slow-motion viewing – a popular technique for showcasing marine life. Unlike traditional cameras that require you to use filters or adjust the white balance when shooting underwater, the device can automatically adjust color profiles to ensure your captures aren’t covered green or blue tint. It does this by way of a built-in pressure sensor, which it uses to determine current depth, after which it auto-adjusts the color profile to compensate, ensuring you get excellent footage all through your dive.

Since it’s custom-built for diving, the camera has been rigged to stay functional at depths of up to 656 feet, allowing you to safely take it to depths few cameras (and certainly none at this size) have gone before. Simply put, if you want to take underwater footage using an easily-mountable action cam, there’s nothing else in the market that can hold a candle to what this thing can accomplish. Do note, it doesn’t come with built-in lighting, so you might want to have a diving-capable torch light on hand if you’re diving deeper than 65 feet, since the deeper you go, the more colors will be absorbed in the water.


Aside from the pressure sensor, the Paralenz Dive Camera also gets a temperature sensor onboard that allows it to record data for that in real time. If you want, the camera can even overlay both temperature and depth data in your videos and photos, allowing folks who watch your footage to get an idea of the conditions you’re experiencing at the moment.

Each camera comes with a mount for your dive mask, a wrist strap, and a universal mount, so you get multiple mounting options when taking this in the water. Alternatively, you can purchase the outfit’s 3rd Person Viewer, which is, basically, an adjustable-length selfie stick for the camera that mounts on a scuba BCD and films you from behind, so you’re in the scene along with whatever sights you manage to capture underwater.


Available now, the Paralenz Dive Camera is priced at $599.

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