Pencil Dice Turns The Writing Instrument Into A Six-Sided Toy

Sometimes, you’ll be writing something down on a piece of paper and get a sudden urge to throw a dice.  No, never happens?  Yeah, I guess it doesn’t, unless you’re playing one of those paper, pencil and dice games (which means, the Xbox 360 went red rings again).  In that situation, you’ll probably find the Pencil Dice plenty useful.

Created by Sebastian Bergne, it’s a six-sided pencil with dice-like dots printed near the dull end.  That way, you can roll it like a regular dice (well, it rolls on the side, at least) and end with one number face up.

The Pencil Dice is actually just a regular pencil with a lead tip and a long body.  In fact, if you can find a six-sided pencil off the bookstore, you can take your Stainless Steel Sharpie and dot the sides yourself.  Presto, your very own pencil dice!

Next time you’re taking a multiple choice question you don’t know the answer to, just roll your Pencil Dice and get yourself an answer from the Gods.  Of course, the Gods won’t always be right, but that’s fine.  It’s no worse than taking a wild guess.

You can get the Pencil Dice right from Sebastian Bergne’s online store, priced at £3 a pair.

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