Pentel Airpen Mini Sends Handwritten Scribbles To Your Android Phone

If you’re not familiar with the Pentel Airpen Mini, it’s a dual-purpose pen that can write both to paper and to a computer.   And soon, it can send those same scrawls to your Android phone, too.

Able to function as a regular ballpoint pen, you can use it to write reminders on Post-It notes, entries into your Moleskine notebook and random scribbles on a piece of napkin at the dinner table.  Heck, you can probably use it to write and carve lewd messages onto a desk, just like you used to do back in grade school.

The Pentel Airpen Mini consists of two parts — the actual pen and an accompanying receiver that looks about the size of a nametag.  When the recording function is turned on, scribbles you make with the pen are converted into digital text and sent to the tiny slab over Bluetooth.  Later, you can dump the recorded characters onto a software that’s available for PCs, Macs and, soon, Android phones.

The addition of transferring data to a smartphone app is quite the big deal, since having to find a computer to dump your notes in is a lot bigger hassle than just pulling out  a phone you regularly carry in your pocket.  We’re not sure if that app will be a future version of Evernote or something, though — they do have a green Evernote-branded version of the pen, so it isn’t too far-fetched.

According to Pentel, the Airpen Mini-compatible app will be available for download from the Android Market this coming March.

[Pentel via UberGizmo]