A Cooling System Allows This Modifed DSLR To Stay Cool Even After Long Hours Of Shooting


The longer you shoot with your DSLR, the hotter its sensor gets, giving the images you capture a whole lot of unwanted noise. It’s a common problem with space photography, especially for folks who spend long hours enjoying what those endless skies have to offer. The Nikon D5500a Cooled Camera solves that problem by integrating a cooling system that keeps the sensor at a level temperature even through extended use.

A custom version of the Nikon D5500 that’s modified by PrimaLuceLab, the camera uses a double Peltier cell cooling system that’s able to keep the sensor temperature at a constant rate, ensuring your pictures get minimal noise even through long exposure shooting sessions. Granted, the cooling system effectively doubles the camera’s already large size, but for serious astrophotography buffs, the extra size should be well worth the hassle.


The Nikon D5500a Cooled Camera takes out the screen from the back of the original to make room for the massive cooling box that sticks out from behind. In its place is a swiveling 3.2-inch display on the left side for checking your pictures and navigating the settings, although you’ll have to control the cooling system using a set of capacitive buttons situated on its rear. Other features include a front sensor filter custom-tuned for astrophotography, an anti-dewing system, integrated shutter control, and five levels of cooling power. And, yes, the cooling system can be powered from the camera battery, so there’s no additional gear needed (well, maybe a large power bank to keep it charged).

Available now, the PrimaLuceLab Nikon D5500a Cooled Camera is priced at €2,190.

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