Ryobi Phone Works Collection Turns Your Smartphone Into A Bona Fide Job Site Tool

Looking for an excuse to bring your smartphone to the construction site, so you can play some Geometry Dash when you need a quick break?  Look no further than the Ryobi Phone Works, a set of eight on-site tools that are designed to work with a tethered smartphone app.

No, you won’t be digging ditches or welding steel beams using your smartphone any time soon.  Instead, these are devices that can actually take advantage of the mini-computer-in-your-pocket’s awesome processing powers.

The Ryobi Phone Works collection consists of a crosshair laser level (uses your phone’s sensors for level detection), an inspection scope (can be used up to 10 feet away, with a 3-foot submersible work light), a laser rangefinder (within 1/16-inch accuracy at 90 degrees), a stud finder (works with drywalls up to three quarters of an inch), a moisture meter (displays moisture content between six and 44 percent), an infrared thermometer (can read real-time surface temperature between -22°F and 662°F), a line-drawing laser pointer, and a pair of noise-canceling earplugs (with customizable noise protection).  All the tools work with just one app, which comes with a selection screen that lets you pick which device you have tethered to the phone at any given time.

Even better, you get all the typical app features, so you don’t just get readings – you can email, share, geo-tag, and even add voice notes to each one.  Oh yeah, it works with both iOS and Android, so it should work fine for majority of people who work on job sites, along with DIY handymen.

Depending on the specific tool, pricing for the Ryobi Phone Works varies from $14.97 and $99.97.  It’s available now.

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