Seasucker, A Bike Rack That Sucks

Installing  bike racks on a car requires a fair amount of work.  When you put one in, you’d likely just keep it on to avoid having to do all that laborious activity a second time.  The Seasucker Autmotive simplifies setting up a mounting facility for your ride, using temporary fittings that stick to surfaces using a sucking motion.

They’re not suction cups, though — the company is very careful to point that out.  Instead, these are vacuum cups, which attach themselves to smooth surfaces using a built-in pump.  Originally used for marine applications (as rod holders and diving racks), these new versions have been modified to work with automobile surfaces, while adding fittings to specifically hold bicycles (they can carry between one to three bikes, depending on the model).

The Seasucker Vacuum Mount actually looks like a light bulb socket, except it can adhere tightly without any screws or bolts.  Available in 4.5- and 6-inch versions, it can ferry maximum loads of 120 and 200 lbs., respectively (for each mount).  The Automotive line comes in four different configurations, depending on what vehicle you have and where you want to hold the bikes — rooftop, hatchback, trunk or pick-up bed.

Designed to affix to smooth surfaces, you’ll need to moisten the underside of each mount before installing.   Once you have it in place, you just click on the pump button (which sucks it down) to have it stay in place.  To remove, all you need to do is lift the integrated tab, which will automatically release the pressure.

Pricing for the Seasucker Automotive ranges from $146.99 to $629.99.

[Seasucker via Gizmag]