SeeNote Is A Digital, Always-On Post-It Note You Can Stick Anywhere


There’s no shortage of screens that can show notifications. Whether you prefer your task reminders to show up on a PC, a smartphone, or a smartwatch display, it can be done. For some reason, though, a lot of us still find the Post-it Note a whole lot more effective for the job. And while the SeeNote isn’t likely to put an end to the classic sticky memo pad, it does bring the utility of a reminder you can stick anywhere to the modern digital screen.

An e-ink display, it’s designed to serve as an always-on notification screen for showing your to-do lists, reminders, and motivational quotes. Yes, you can probably use your ebook reader for that, too. Unlike those, however, it comes with an adhesive backing (and a backup magnetic backing – for the fridge) that allows it to be stuck to any vertical surface, so you can place it on the cubicle wall, a bathroom mirror, or any other place of your liking. Unlike sticky notes, either, the adhesive backing is reusable, so you can easily remove it for placement somewhere else multiple times a day.

The SeeNote connects to the network via WiFi, pulling down items for display from the company’s servers. These items can be customized from the accompanying app, where you can define exactly what you want to show up on the screen, whether it’s personal notes, calendar entries, or email messages.  It can work with a variety of apps, pulling any kind of information that you’d like shown on the screen, along with IFTTT support for access to your home automation devices. Measuring 3.5 inches on all sides, it’s small enough to carry in a bag pouch for use at both home and work, with lights on the edges that softly glow when there’s an urgent notification.

Now available for preorder, SeeNote is priced at $99.

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