Shirt Shuttle Will Keep Your Ironed Shirts Crease-Free

Ironing a shirt is hard work. Keeping it crease-free while it wiggles around your luggage during a trip, however, is even harder. Unless you have it nestled inside a Shirt Shuttle.

A single-purpose container, it’s sole aim in life is to keep one shirt as freshly-pressed as possible. That means no visible folds, wrinkles or creases — the shirt is as tidy and dapper as the minute after you ironed it.

The Shirt Shuttle is a high-strength travel case that measures 36.5 x 25.5 x 6 cm — just enough to carry a single piece of clothing. The molded material ensures your shirt won’t be squashed inside a bag or accidentally folded while you’re holding it in hand (the case has a built-in carry handle), with the fully-waterproofed construction allowing you to keep a clean pressed shirt ready even when it’s raining. Granted, the case takes up extra space inside the bag (so it could be an issue for packed luggage), but it’s your best shot at keeping a perfectly-ironed shirt the whole time.

Inside the case sits a board, around which you’re supposed to fold the shirt around to ensure no chances of creasing. The board integrates a fold-out hook, which you can pull out of the case for hanging the shirt once you’ve arrived at your destination.

While perfect for trips, the Shirt Shuttle should also prove handy for keeping a spare ironed shirt in a locker at the gym, a drawer at the office or the trunk of your car. It’s available from Firebox, priced at £29.99.