SkullCandy Push Ultra Puts Tile’s Bluetooth Tracking Tech Inside Its True Wireless Earbuds

True wireless earbuds are great, allowing you to listen to music completely unbothered by any kind of cables. Problem is, they’re also easy to misplace and lose – a direct result of the small size, separate earpieces, and lack of any dangling wires. The SkullCandy Push Ultra solves that by integrating Tile’s Bluetooth tracking technology into the earbuds.

Now, the current crop of true wireless earbuds aren’t exactly helpless when it comes to helping users find them. In fact, it’s a common concern, so many existing products in the category can be triggered to make a sound whenever you need to locate them. As useful as that may be, the integration of Tile’s proven locating tech is definitely a step up.

The SkullCandy Push Ultra’s two earbuds each have Tile tech inside. That means, you should be able to find both of them even if you leave on in the gym bench and the other one in the locker using the Tile app, which can help you find the earbuds by prompting it to make a sound and showing its last detected location on a map. If the earbuds are away from Bluetooth range and can’t be found, you can also mark them as “lost,” which prompts the app to send you an immediate alert as soon as it detects it to be within range. You get full access to Tile’s crowdsourced location, too, which uses other Tile trackers to check if your earbuds are in their vicinity. With all these options for finding lost earbuds, you minimize the chances of actually losing them compared to other true wireless options in the market.

The earbuds themselves, by the way, use moldable ear hooks to secure it to your ears, so it stays on, regardless of the activity you’re engaged in. It also doesn’t sit tightly flush in your ear canals, instead providing a “stay-aware” fit to ensure you still hear ambient sounds even when you’ve cranked the volume up to lose-yourself-in-the-music levels.

The SkullCandy Push Ultra are fitted with drivers that, the outfit claims, are custom-tuned to deliver music “that you can feel… from the lyrics in your soul to the bass in your bones.” Yeah, we don’t know how that sounds, either, but we guess it’s the kind of sound that will make you shake your boom-boom. Or something. The earbuds are IP67-rated for sweat and water, so you can drench these while you exercise without any problems, complete with a ruggedized build for both the buds and the charging case, so you don’t have to be so dainty when handling them.

Both earbuds have playback controls integrated, so you can use either hand to adjust volume, skip a track, or turn everything off. The onboard batteries are rated for up to six hours of playback, with another 34 hours’ worth of charge on the case, so you can go a couple days without having to plug in to an outlet.

The SkullCandy Push Ultra is available now, priced at $99.99.

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