Solar Powered Insect Zapper

Solar Insect Zapper

Solar Insect Zapper

You can see this trend throughout mankind’s history. Whenever a huge plague develops, it is spread by those pesky things we’d sooner smash under our foot than have to deal with. Insects are everywhere and while yes, I understand they serve a purpose in our environment, I can’t stand mosquitoes and I don’t think I’m alone. Mosquitoes are now recognized throughout the United States as one of the biggest threats because they carry many diseases to different corners of the world.

One of the best defenses against these pesky insects is to set up an insect zapper. These things are efficient not just for mosquitoes, they also attract the flies that mess up your picnic. But one of the biggest problems with these machines, despite their usefulness, is the amount of energy required to power them. Your backyard may be free of the threat of fatal disease from mosquitoes, but you’ll have an even bigger horror on your hands when you open your electricity bill.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy one piece of technology that could zap the bugs without ever requiring you to pay a dime for the energy it used? Well, you guessed it. Now you can! With the Solar Insect Zapper installed, you can take care of annoying insects without worrying about the cost. This gadget utilizes four solar insect lights. You stake them anywhere in your ground and leave them to harness the sun’s rays. Once the sun sets, the UV insect attracting bulbs automatically shut on, luring and eliminating over 100 varieties of insects with a 300-volt electric charge. Further, you can flip a switch to turn these lights from bug zappers to accent lights in a second.

Don’t let your home get stuck with the threat of contagious disease and a high electricity bill. Get the Solar Insect Zapper.