Sony TG5V Handycam Camcorder


The latest entry into the handycam market is the TG5V introduced by Sony.  Of course, you can expect high quality from Sony on the devices that they bring to the electronics market and this one is no exception.

This handycam camcorder can record up to six hours of video and can also be used for digital photography.  You can capture a great amount of video right from the device and also have the ability to use a memory stick with the device adding to the amount of time that you can record.

The Sony handycam has a 2.7 LCD touch screen and the addition of a GPS antenna which make it a bit unusual on the market.  This will allow you to connect the video that you shoot with locations on a map.  Imagine all the ways that you can use this feature when you are traveling with your video camera.  The ability to point to a location on a map and play the video that you recorded in that area make it a fun device to use if you will be traveling in a number of different places.  The videos that you connect with the map feature will be able to be played on your PC at home as well.

The Sony Handycam TG5V is a great addition to your traveling devices.  Don’t forget to take this with you the next time you hit the road on a family vacation or just when you are wandering the open road.  It’s a way to show others where you have been and what you have seen while you were there.